Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pool Covers

Putting a solar cover on a round pool is not a one-person job. Let me explain. Since some of us have really missed the inground pool we had at our old house, we decided to purchase an above ground pool for the kids to hang out in this summer. We spent Sunday afternoon setting it up and yesterday treating the water. Early this morning I had the brilliant idea that I would get the solar cover on while my little ones lay sleeping in their beds and maybe after lunch it would be warm enough to swim.

Well, just unfolding the cover by myself proved to be a cardio workout. After I rested a minute from the unfolding, I began to pull it onto the pool. Everytime I would get one side, another side would pull off. This went on for about fifteen minutes. Finally, I gave in to defeat and decided to just let the cove rest on the water until the big kids could help me. Meanwhile, I thought I would turn on the pump - you know, start circulating the water. I look out the window and the water from the pump is spraying on top of my cover. What was I thinking?

The little ones are still sleeping and the cover lays on the ground. Some jobs just take more than one person.

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ken said...

You must have been doing something wrong. I never had any problem putting the pool cover on our other pool. Ha! Ha! Ha.... You should learn from your husbands mistakes... That's why I make them.