Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where Are You Springtime?

Kelsey loves the song Where Are You Christmas? and sings it all the time. This week as she was singing, I couldn't help thinking, where are you springtime? I mean the temperature just doesn't feel like spring to me and the winter has been so long. So yesterday, we wrote new words to our favorite song.

Where are you Springtime?
Why can't I find you?
Why have you not come back?
Where are the flowers you used to bring me?
Why can't I feel warm sunshine?

My world's not changing,
Time for rearranging.
Does this mean Springtime's coming soon?

Where are you Springtime?
Do you remember
the warmth we used to share?

I'm not the cold one,
See I need sunshine

That's why I need the season to change.

Oh, Springtime is here

Oh Springtime is here
Despite the cold

If there is warmth in your day, flowers in your yard,
You will feel like Springtime all the time.

I feel you Springtime.
I know I've found you.
You're coming back again.
The joy of Springtime
Stays here inside us,
Fills each and every heart with warmth.

Where are you Springtime?
Fill my heart with warmth.

I doubt we will be nominated for any awards, but we had fun changing the words and singing the song. Hopefully it made you smile too.

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Molly said...

Very cute song! Hang in there, spring is coming!