Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Everything Pink

Three kids and a dog makes for a sufficiently full house, or so we thought. Just when we had given the last of the baby things away, and the youngest was about to turn five - surprise!

What a wonderful early Christmas gift three years ago today when Miss Kelsey graced us with her presence, finally. She was the only little Cortright who had to be persuaded to enter the world, but a little persuading was all it took.

She loves everything pink. In fact, I just put the cakes in the oven as I will be attempting to build a pink and purple castle cake (hopefully, I'll post pictures later.) I purchased pink sprinkles and I'll be making pink icing.

In fact, when we went out to purchase her Christmas dress, she wanted pink. I was finally able to convince her that red is in the same family.

Having one more little one in the house lets us continue to enjoy the wide-eyed wonder that disappears with age. So today we'll have castle cake, dress like a princess and enjoy the wonders of childhood through the eyes of a three-year-old who sees life in shades of pink.

photo update: here's our leaning castle cake - we won't win any prizes, but we will always remember the year we made the castle cake.


Molly said...

What a sweet post! I can't believe she is THREE already. We were debating yesterday about when her birthday was. I thought it was one day this week. I can't believe three years ago, we were holding that sweet, small little one. Aah, that sweet baby smell! She's so precious, enjoy every minute, as we know all too well how fast the time goes by, don't we?



SA said...

I think it's beautiful Miss Lori! ;) No really, it alot better looking than if I tried to make it!
Tell Kelsey Jayne that I want to see her at CBS in January! ;)