Sunday, February 22, 2009


Life can be a funny thing and with a house full of little people, one might expect to have to call poison control. Of course, you would think it would be because one of the kids have ingested or inhaled some harmful substance, not because their mother accidentally ate dishwasher detergent or thought it would be okay to vacuum powdered bug killer.

Just for the record, I really did ingest dishwasher detergent by accident a few years ago and I did actually call poison control. I was fine and drank lots of water. Fortunately, it was a small amount and the water helped it not burn my throat. Naturally, Ken and the kids still ask from time to time if I would prefer a little dishwasher detergent for a snack.

Of course yesterday, Ken and I cleaned out the laundry room. Before I put everything back, I ran the vacuum and seeing the powder in the corners, thought to myself, "There should be no harm in vacuuming this as we used something less toxic." So I proceeded to vacuum, blowing the stuff into the air I am sure. When I finished, I asked Ken about it and it turns out that while it isn't necessarily harmful, it isn't something you want to inhale. The package read something like, move the person to fresh air and if they are not breathing, call 911. Well fortunately, I was standing outside as we read the label and I am glad to say that I was also breathing.

Some days it's me who needs supervision.

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