Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Moments like These

Parenting is just plain hard work. Not only are there thousands of physical demands which include many sleepless nights (and don't think that ends once they are sleeping through the night), countless trips to the kitchen to fix more food because three meals a day are not enough, and many trips in the car each week so they can participate in various activities.

Then there are the demands on our brain power. There is much time spent listening to four kids (often all at once), wondering about the choices we've made for their education, questioning the path we are leading them down, and hoping that in the end they will turn out okay.

When you choose a path that goes against the norm, it's easy to question your decisions on a daily basis. Are they learning enough? Are they getting the right stuff? Do they work hard enough? Will they be able to function in the real world?

But then you have those moments, moments when all four kids are outside on the swing together, big kids pushing little kids, all smiles and laughter and you realize that had you chosen any other path, then you all would have missed moments like these.

Go here to see a few pictures Lindsay captured during those moments


Sarah-Anne said...

great pictures...i wish i had a camera that actually focused on! nothing like loading your photos on the computer and finding out that half of them are blurry beyond recogintion... :)

davenport.home said...

Even when you go "with the norm" you question yourself and your decisions and you pray they turn out alright. I've met many homeschoolers, private schoolers, and public schoolers and I have yet found the perfect combination of education, values, and beliefs. I think you have to go with your gut instinct and treasure those priceless moments that come your way.