Monday, September 1, 2008

So Long Summer

I feel so sad that the end of summer is here. It seems like only a few short weeks ago we were rejoicing at summer's long awaited arrival. For some reason I am not quite ready to dive head long into our routine and the very full schedule that is calling us.

Maybe it's because now that the kids are growing up and more involved in things, it feels like there weren't enough lazy days. It seems our summer was so full of places to be and things to do that there wasn't much time to just be and there are those things I was hoping to do that didn't get done.

As we dive into our new routine, I know the warm September days will beckon us to come outside and eek out a little more summer in the midst of our crazy schedule. There will be time for a few more baseball games, a few more afternoons at the pool, a few more dinners on the grill, and maybe an escape to an amusement park once more before the cold weather and shorter days arrive for good.

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