Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Adapting to Autumn

Fall is not really my favorite time of year as it brings on the heavy schedule and the laid back days of summer fade into a flurry of activity. But today I am enjoying the crispness of the temperature through open windows, the smell of pumpkin candles burning while I work and the sound of my oldest playing the piano like she hasn't in so many months. Yes, I think I am adapting to fall.

We are settling into our new routine with school, lessons, Bible studies and of course, baseball practice. I must admit the games in the cooler, drier air are more enjoyable. I guess maybe I am finally ready for this new season.

It's funny how God must have known that we would be ready for the changing of seasons every few months - they are really perfectly timed. Even though I was so sad to see summer waning away a couple of weeks ago, I find myself eagerly anticipating the autumn - crisp air, school year tasks, recitals, pumpkins.


Sarah-Anne said...

I thought that Lindsay didn't play anymore. Did she decide to again?


ken said...

You have got to start writing for a living. I think you've passed that gift on to Lindsay but she may not know it yet. Besides, I'm tired of working and need some retirement planning. I'll cook and clean the house. Sound like a plan?

Carla Davenport said...

I agree with your autumn blog. It's so hard to say good-bye to the summer - the beach, vacations, sleeping in late, and just going through life at your pace. But the crispness of the autumn air is also rejuvenating it is own unique way. It cleans the lungs and you get a new burst of energy needed for the school season and all that goes along with it!