Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Typical Day

A few folks have recently asked what our homeschooling days are like and since this is a ramble of a homeschooling mom, I thought answering it here would be appropriate.

I must admit that homeschooling three little people and entertaining a toddler is proving to be quite a challenge some days. So here's what a typical day at our house is like.

Ken gets up really early and I usually follow. We have coffee together, catch up on the news and go over the after work plan. You know, who has what activity and who needs to be picked up or hauled somewhere by which parent. After his departure, I must have more coffee and a quiet time before little people can talk to me. I like to get up early, but I don't want to interact with anyone right away.

Everyone gets up, has breakfast and does chores. Next we do Bible together (not sure do Bible is the best description, but it's what we say at our house). Then I sit with Jonathan for Math and Language and squeeze Alex's algebra into the mix while Kelsey plays somewhere nearby. Lindsay is usually playing the piano all morning or reading. While I am thankful that she is playing the piano all
the time again, it can be a little over stimulating for me for all of this to be going on at once, but most days we survive.

Typically by lunch time we have completed about half the subjects and the house is relatively tidy. We usually take an hour or so break to eat, play outside or scoot around town - just depends on the day.

In the afternoon we finish whatever school subjects still need attention and many afternoons are filled with piano lessons, baseball practice or games, Bible studies, youth activities, errands and chores.

The days are very full and I am not sure we have completely found our rhythm yet this year. Some days seem a bit overwhelming and some days are just perfect. I think it's in those moments when I catch an older sibling playing with or reading to a younger one, or helping out without being asked, or just adding their own brilliant thoughts to the dinner discussion that I realize that while our 'rhythm' might not be perfect, it's working for us.

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