Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fifteen Years Ago Today...

Fifteen years ago today I woke up hoping and praying this would be the day. I was pregnant with my first child and so very ready for her to come into the world. She, of course, was not working on my time table, but her own. She was a week late.

I had been doing everything I knew to do for a whole week to get this child to come - walking, eating spicy food, starting projects (thinking if I am in the middle of a project, she will surely interrupt) - and nothing for a whole week.

But on that Monday, everything changed. A beautiful baby girl invaded my life. Once she decided it was time, things moved right along. Just a few hours after arriving at the hospital, I was holding her in my arms completely amazed at this miracle of life, and I continue to be amazed by her. I couldn't wait to get home from the hospital and begin our mommy/daughter journey.

I remember those autumn days, just Lindsay, me and the rocking chair, trying to imagine what she would look like all grown up, wondering what kind of person she would become. Now I see the beautiful young girl with a heart to match, full of mercy and genuine compassion for people. She still takes her sweet time at everything, but in the bustle of this life, I think this is an enviable quality. Her eye for real beauty and her creative spirit inspire me. It's all better than I imagined all those years ago.

Today we'll celebrate with a few of her favorite things: friends, tacos, cookie cake, marshmallows toasted over the fire. She'll be princess for a day, complete with a tiara and sash.

Happy Birthday, sweet Lindsay!


Rob said...

she really is amazing.

ken said...

She is kinda special... isn't she? That's one of my happiest memories... Hey! I like the new look.