Sunday, November 30, 2008


As this Thanksgiving weekend comes to an end, I am pondering the many things I am thankful for.

Simple things - the smell of coffee in the morning and the chatter of kids.

Things I take for granted - a place to live, a car to drive, and money for groceries.

Things I should be more thankful for - a husband who never complains about what's for dinner and plays with the kids afterwards.

Things I remember - family vacations, the smell of Grandma's house, and sneaking down the hall on Christmas morning with my brother and sister.

The good times - the births of babies, summer cookouts, baseball games, piano recitals, afternoon visits with friends.

The hard times - the loss of babies, too many hours spent in hospitals, family and friends taken too soon.

The precious moments - a kiss from a toddler, football with all the kids on Thanksgiving, hot chocolate and movies, quiet moments with my husband.

Life is far from perfect, but there is much to be thankful for.

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