Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer Begins

It is a glorious morning! Yesterday we completed our last official day of school. Goodbye to routines, algebra and chemistry. Hello to good books, the backyard and flip flops.

Summer has been beckoning to us for several weeks now making it difficult to focus on anything important. The swing set/fort that Pop built is complete, the pool is up and running and just this week we set up the volleyball/badminton net. In between the last few chemistry and algebra lessons we have ventured out for bike rides and badminton games.

So this morning the kids are sleeping in, the younger cousins are coming to play, the school books will find their way back to the shelves for safe keeping until August and tonight the older kids are off to the new Indiana Jones movie with friends.

Yes, summer is here!


ken said...

God be praised!!!

lindsay said...


whoohoo indiana jones XD