Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Correction and Praise

I attended a homeschool graduation this weekend and I must say it was very unique. There were seven graduates from seven different homeschools. Each family had their own way of celebrating - some with songs, others with slide show presentations, and every parent had wonderful words to praise and challenge their graduates. It was all very moving.

One mom did share something I have found my self pondering the last few days. She said that as a mom we are always correcting our children. We are always telling them what they have done wrong and what they need to do better, and we do this because we love them and want them to grow into the best person possible. Now if we are homeschooling moms, we get the privilege of this task twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. So on this graduation day she wanted to be sure her child (young adult now) knew that for every one thing done wrong, there were 25 other things done well.

Like I said, I have been pondering those thoughts a lot. There are many days when it feels like all I do is get on someone for something, and while there are plenty of things the kids do well, I am often focused on what needs correcting. So today in the midst of all the correcting, I will make it a point to praise the things they are doing well.

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