Friday, June 6, 2008

Teen Years

Some days I wonder if I will survive the teenage years, and I am very new at this teenager thing. Lindsay is just 14, and Alex will be 13 by summer's end. Right now it's not that they are in to crazy stuff, it's that they are venturing out more and more without me. And while I do trust them, I don't trust the world they are exploring - so many dangers, so many opportunities for trouble, so many paths to go down.

I have spent all this time trying to teach them to be confident in who they are, to remember who they belong to. I have spent time reading and discussing the Word with them and helping them discover their unique gifts. They are by no means perfect, but I hope they have learned something along the way. Looks like it is test time. As they venture away from me from time to time, I have to trust they have been filled up with good things and hopefully those good things will come out. I also have to trust God's plan and protection for them, and pray they make wise decisions along the way.

So I guess on days like today when they are out with friends, as I breathe I will pray for God's hand to rest on them.

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