Thursday, June 26, 2008

Driver's Ed Experience

I can't believe I am old enough to have a child who's almost ready to begin driving (enter scary thoughts), but she is taking driver's education this week. Yes, only this week. The same course I took over several weeks, 30 hours of instruction, are all being crammed into five days. Truly amazing. I guess you just have to applaud public instruction.

Having said that, I have been reminded this week why I home educate. Now I must confess, I did have a moment this week as I was packing lunches and preparing to send Ken off to work and Lindsay off to 'school' when I thought that this going off to school thing might not be so bad. I mean, with everyone out of the house for eight hours a day, I could accomplish a lot. Not to mention all the peace and quiet I might enjoy. But I'm really not that big a fan of peace and quiet.

So the things that reminded me why we educate at home - the most obvious: cramming thirty hours of work into five days. Being home lets us work at our own pace, chase rabbit trails, pause for a game or bike ride at lunch. We are not slaves to anyone's schedule.

The first day of class there was only one bathroom as the student bathrooms were under construction and someone locked the door to the one bathroom. Thus, no bathroom break all day, unless you wanted to use the boys' to which my child said, "No thanks." At home, we can use the bathroom whenever needed.

On the second day, the class was informed that for the rest of the week they would have their class in a different building in the hall as you cannot cram 68 kids in a room made for 35. The change was due to more construction on campus and epoxy fumes. Well, someone thought it wise to cram all 68 kids in a room made for 35 anyway. Does this violate some kind of fire code? And I have to wonder, did no one give any thought as to the best way to accomodate the kids for this class? I mean, this wasn't a surprise class.

So only two days left. It has been good for my child who has never attended school at all to see what she has been missing. She is thankful we do the home education thing, and I am too.

By the way, I am thankful for the person teaching the class. She must wear a halo having to deal with all the kids and the construction.

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lindsay said...

she does, i swear. i don't know how she can deal with all those kids..a lot of them pretty much had no respect for her either...