Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dragonflies and Life Lessons

Recently, I read a book to Kelsey called Eliza and the Dragonfly by Susie Caldwell Rinehart. It's a sweet story about a young girl watching a dragonfly nymph grow into a beautiful dragonfly. When Eliza first discovers the dragonfly nymph, she remarks that it is an awful green creature. Upon closer examination, she becomes fascinated with the dragonfly nymph, affectionately names it, and watches it closely at the pond everyday.

Shortly after the discovery of the dragonfly nymph, the aunt (an entomologist) says, "A dragonfly nymph doesn't worry about when it will become a dragonfly. It doesn't wish it could fly or be more beautiful than it already is. It just mucks around the pond, being itself. Then it wakes up with wings." This description really caught my attention and I have found myself thinking about it from time to time.

So I thought, maybe walking by faith isn't so hard.

Maybe it is as simple as not looking at others and wishing for things I don't have.

Maybe it means not worrying about when I will get my wings and fly.

Maybe it means just mucking around in my own pond, looking after the things right in front of me.

Maybe it means just being me, not trying to be like someone else.

Maybe it means taking care of the things God has placed right in front of me, being myself with my own gifts, not comparing my life to others, and one day I will wake up with wings.

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