Monday, September 7, 2009

Around the World

This year the little kids and I are taking a look at world geography with Trail Guide to World Geography. To make things interesting, we get together with a few friends periodically to play games and eat food associated with what we are studying.

Here's Kelsey making Rice Krispie treats that look like the earth.

They were a little sticky and I still have blue food coloring under my fingernail.

Kim spray painted these ball ornaments blue and the kids painted the continents on the 'earth' balls.

The kids' cousins from the west coast gave them this Map Tangle Game several years ago. It came in handy for reinforcing where the continents are located on a map.

Time for a snack.

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Sarah-Anne said...

The Earth Ornaments idea thing is really cool!! And Kelesy really looks like she's enjoying her snack. They do look good...