Friday, September 4, 2009

Back in Full Swing

The lazy days of summer are over and our school year routine is back in full swing. We have been easing into the routine for the past couple of weeks adding all the 'extra' stuff this week (Bible study, gymnastics, piano lessons).

In early August, I began to feel a little panic as to how the routine might play out. With four kids on four different levels in all subjects, I had visions of schooling little people from sunrise to sunset every day of the week. I also had visions of accomplishing nothing and those four little people just doing their own thing all the time and growing into adults who were proficient at video games and could write excellent movie reviews. The other vision that played out in my obviously warped mind was one of me consumed by school work and kids with absolutely no time to shower, eat, or do anything I might want or need to do. None of these visions were very pretty.

Well, I am happy to report that at the end of three weeks I have not been completely consumed by school and little people, we have kept video games and movies to a reasonable limit, and I have had a shower and even food now and then.

Now mind you these first weeks have been hard - Ken has worked late a lot, almost everyone has had colds (with two trips to the doctor), and there has been something unexpected every week that has tried to throw us off. After one week, we had to switch Alex's geometry books, and after two weeks, we switched Lindsay and Alex's foreign language program.

We have not adhered to a strict schedule, but we have a plan for each day with the goal being that we help each other tackle the plan. It's not perfect, but so far I am pleased with what we have accomplished.

So what have our days looked like? The teenagers are usually up early and the little kids sleep in a bit. Lindsay likes to get advanced math out of the way first and since the little ones are sleeping, I can think clearly to help her. She needed a lot of help the first week or so, but this week she has done well on her own. Then she works on her own and helps a lot around the house. Alex likes to work independently and then find me when he's ready to complete geometry. He's also our yard man. When the little kids are up and ready, we read Bible out loud and then I help Jonathan with his work (Kelsey tagging along). Jonathan and I usually work until his list for the day is complete. There are some days that we take a break in the middle of the day and finish later and some days that we don't get started until after lunch because of various activities. At dinner we try to discuss what everyone is reading and writing. It seems to be working for our family.

We try to function with the mentality that we will work hard four days, catch up and clean up on Fridays and have fun on the weekends. So today is Friday and all the kids are sleeping in a bit - meaning a little extra quiet time for me.

Happy three-day weekend!

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Sarah-Anne said...

happy three day weekend to you, too! i wish sleeping was an option at our house this morning. being at the mercy of your aunt and cousin to take you grocery shopping, of all things, shouldn't require you to get up and 7:50, should it??
mom told me you were feeling under the weather, so i'm sending you a "get well soon"...