Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Da Bears

This past weekend, Goose Creek State Park had a program on bears and we just happened to be studying bears this week in science, so what a great opportunity for a field trip.

Our friends, Helen and Burton, joined Kelsey, Jonathan, and me for this outing. As we were driving into the park, Burton spotted this deer (there were actually three) out the window. Of course we all acted as if we had never before seen wildlife. We stopped in the middle of the road, fetched the camera from the trunk, switched lenses, and took pictures. We were so distracted by and excited about this deer that we drove right past the visitors center (directly across from where we saw the deer) and ended up touring the entire park before we found our way back.

Park Ranger Chris did a great job talking to us about bears in North Carolina and he was entertaining as well. He even led us on a short hike.

Hiking a trail, looking for a bear.

The park ranger had set this up for us to find.

We may have a comedian here.

It was a great way to spend a Saturday. The teenagers did not come with us as they were in Raleigh with their dad looking for a new guitar (more about that later).

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