Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Week of Firsts

This has been a week of firsts for Kelsey. She is the baby and likes to have mama close by, but this week she cut those strings just a little.

Community Bible Study began this week and Kelsey was a little nervous. She cried, but not for long. Her teachers were patient with her and she straightened up quickly. When I picked her up, she was having fun and wants to go back next week. She says she won't cry next time.

Gymnastics also started this week and I must admit that I was afraid I would be out on the floor with her. After all, I was out on the gymnastics floor with Lindsay at this age. But Kelsey did not flinch and she did not cry. She got dressed for gymnastics, in a pink leotard of course, and walked right in. She looked a little nervous, but when the teacher called the class, Kelsey went without hesitation. I do think it helped that her cousin was there. Everything about gymnastics was her favorite.

I didn't take pictures during the class this time, but here's one of her just before class.

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Sarah-Anne said...

She's so grown-up now!! Tell Kelsey Jayne that I can't wait to see her on Thursday...