Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Good Day

Baseball and geometry kept us up late last night so this morning was for sleeping in, at least for the little kids, giving the rest of us time for coffee and quiet before the day began.

It began with a movie, believe it or not, The Alamo, meant to supplement some high school history reading. So yes, this morning we were watching a movie. The kids were drawn in and so was I. Billy Bob Thorton made a great Davey Crockett and Dennis Quaid, a wonderful Sam Houston. We were so into the events that we kept pausing the movie to check the history book for facts and Lindsay was ready with her iPod to 'Wiki' the things we didn't find in the book. We even discovered that this movie was the most historically accurate. We talked about the west, Texas, the definition of a courier, how General Santa Anna's army didn't fight fair, and how Opie (Ron Howard) went on to produce and direct some great films. It was a good morning.

The day continued with math and science, reading and foreign language, but we found our rhythm, at least for this day. For this day, we didn't feel the rush of a schedule, or the pressure of the world's standard.

On this day, we read about animals until we tired of it.

On this day, we worked through the math until we understood it.

On this day, we read poetry for the joy of it.

On this day, we laughed and played with friends.

On this day, we played music because we love it.

Yep, it was a good day.

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